The Garden Clan

As related by Chuck Grieb, the world of The Garden Clan is brought to life through tales of the Faerie Garden Clans and Goblin Tribes.

Garden faeries

are small, tiny even, the tallest never quite reaching two inches in height; and come in many forms and colors. There are the Faerie Rabbits, standing on two legs, unlike the animals we know.

The Faerie Owls

which appear a little odd to our eyes in that they have no wings, but claws for hands as well as feet.

The Faerie Elves,

who look much like you or I, though their ears tend to be pointy.

And the Goblins,

Goblins are small, just as most faeries are, look very piggy in the face, and are covered in a fine fur. They stand on two legs (hooved); most are brown, grey, or a dark blue black, some are even spotted or piebald.

Scholars do not include the


(which are much large than most faeries) amongst the Garden Clans, because whereas they are a form of faerie, they live alone or in small family groups. And the rats and crows, though intelligent and organized, are animals and therefore not counted amongst the faerie peoples.

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